Dominoes - Jumbo

$142.86 USD


Personalized jumbo dominoes,  Jumbo Dominoes - Domino Tile is APPROX  2 1/8" x 1 1/16" x 13/32"
Be sure to cover the ENTIRE domino including outside the red line, however only the parts well within the red line will actually print on the domino, we need the extra print to ensure we can cover the whole domino, if the entire domino is not covered when you design it, there may be white areas on your finished product and this cannot be helped if you do not cover the entire domino.
Design space is larger than the actual domino, be sure to take note of the size of the actual product, dark images are not recommended.  Small lettering or lettering on dark background may not show up since a domino is small to start with.